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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an intense brainstorming marathon where people with different skills get together, exchange ideas, form teams around ideas and develop working solutions over the course of a 48-hour period. The brainstorming sessions are well structured, and the teams are helped throughout the hackathon by mentors.

When does the hackathon take place?

The hackathon will take place 24-26 June 2020. You have 48 hours to collaborate and build a solution within your track. We’ll start with a joint kick-off session at 10am on 24 June 2020. The hackathon ends at 10am on 26 June 2020.

Where is Bartlett Hacks organised?

Our hackathon will take place exclusively online. We will use Slack as the main platform for communication and Microsoft Forms for the hackathon registrations and submissions on the website. These online services are completely free to use for attendees..

Are there prerequisites for participation?

You will need your own computer, access to internet and you must be passionate about bringing about new solutions on a green recovery from this current coronavirus outbreak.

How many can participate?

Anyone can participate. You will need to join or form a team of 3-7 participants. You can meet other participants on Slack and form a team there. Be proactive and present your idea and ask others to join you in a team. You don’t need to know each other, you just need to share an interest in the same topic. You will sign up your team under one of six tracks.

Will we get any support during the hackathon?

Yes. Each of the six tracks will be allocated one or more mentors to help out. These are likely to be UCL academic staff with expertise in the field. The mentor will check in with your team at various times throughout the day. You will also be able to contact The Bartlett Hacks team via email with ad-hoc questions.

What about the team size?

Each team has to have 3-7 participants.

Can I register as a team / company?

If you already have a fully formed team of 3-7 participants, the team leader can register the entire team.

Can I submit already existing projects?

This hackathon aims to generate new ideas. If your project is a new idea that you haven’t completed or submitted anywhere else, you can submit this as a new idea. Please ensure that it fits the format and spirit of the hackathon.

Who owns the intellectual property of the hackathon projects?

You own the intellectual property to your hackathon project. If your project wins and we want to collaborate with you to research the idea further, the intellectual property will be shared between you and UCL. This will be a separate agreement.

Is there a participation fee?


Why do we need this hackathon?

We want to create a movement which builds new and innovative solutions for the climate crisis by learning from responses to the current coronavirus outbreak. The hackathon will bring together bright minds to generate ideas for a green economic recovery. To bring emissions down to Net Zero and save the planet, the world cannot go back to business-as-usual but needs fresh approaches and a truly green recovery from the pandemic.

Who are the people behind Bartlett Hacks?

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER) is leading the hackathon, which is part of The Bartlett, UCL’s Faculty of the Built Environment. Bartlett Hacks is supported by trusted partners and colleagues from across both within UCL and externally.

Where do we upload our solutions?

Please upload them via this Microsoft Form. You'll also be sent a link via email and it can be found on the 'How it works' page.

How do we present our solutions?

You can present your solutions in a variety of formats: a written report (PDF), a poster (PDF/jpeg), a PowerPoint presentation, or a video. You will need to upload your files to either WeTransfer or Dropbox and post the link in the submission form.

When is the deadline to upload our solution?

The submission deadline is 09:59am 26 June 2020.

How refined do our solutions have to be?

This is up to you and your time limit. Having a brilliant, bold idea is worth more than working out the small print of delivery. However, your solution should focus on a well-defined niche and be realistically implementable.

How will our solutions be judged?

We have a panel of expert judges that will judge the entries according to innovation, originality, potential for impact and feasibility. You can find out more about the judges from our 'Who we are' page.

How do we check in with our mentor?

Your team mentor will be in touch with you by email to arrange the drop-in times. You will also have to ensure they receive a working link or invitation to your team’s Slack, Zoom, Google Hangout, or whichever way you’ll be co-working.

Do I have to work on the hackathon for the full 48-hours, including working throughout the night?

No, we do not expect anyone to work throughout the night or during the full 48-hour period. We are keeping the hackathon open for 48 hours straight to accommodate different working patterns, caring responsibilities and time zones. Please flag the times that you will be unavailable with your team and make sure you get some rest.

Can our team get a private Slack channel?

Your team can set up a private channel in the Bartlett Hacks Slack. It is your responsibility to set up your team’s virtual working environment and organise how you work over the 48-hour period. You may of course use different collaboration platforms to Slack.

What are the prizes available?

There are three overall prizes available for the best solution: 1st prize - £1,000, 2nd prize - £600 and 3rd prize - £500. There are also three prizes available for highly commended entries: £50 Amazon voucher for each member of the team.

We will also invite the winning to explore collaborations with members across The Bartlett. We will support such associations in seeking funding to further develop the idea from UCL and other sources. It will also be a starting point of a much longer collaboration between the ecosystems of researchers, educators, innovators, and makers across The Bartlett.

If we win, how do I collect our award?

We will contact you and ensure you receive your award. This may take up to 30 days, so please bear with us in the meantime.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please read the participant agreement and code of conduct to get to know the terms and conditions more closely.

Who can I contact if I have any issues/questions?

You can contact the team via email on