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How it works

Bartlett Hacks is an online hackathon designed to foster collaboration and develop ideas for the urgent climate emergency we still face during the coronavirus crisis and helping build resilience for a post-pandemic world.

Join in the conversation through our Slack workspace and find like-minded individuals to collaborate with from your chosen track. Each track has a mentor to help refine your ideas and solutions. Once you've got a team together, register your team and wait until the hackathon goes live at 10am 24 June 2020. Across the 48-hours, you'll have chances to check in with your mentor and ensure you're producing your best idea to submit for evaluation before 09:59am 26 June 2020.

There are prizes up for grabs for the best solutions:

Overall winners:
1st - £1000 for the team
2nd - £600 for the team
3rd - £500 for the team

Three highly commended teams:
£50 Amazon voucher per team member

Share ideas

Idea submission is now open! Join our Slack community to post and discuss ideas, get feedback, find teammates and get inspired.

Register a team

Once you’ve found an idea, pull together a team of 3-7 dedicated people with the skills to find a solution. The team leader must now officially register the team through Microsoft Forms.

Submit for evaluation

Upload a video, presentation, document or poster explaining the problem being solved, your proposed solution and how you will make a change in the world.

The Tracks


Let’s get ideas going

Let’s get ideas going

01 June
Register your team

Register your team

19 June
Hackathon starts

Hackathon starts

10am 24 June
Hackathon ends

Hackathon ends

10am 26 June


26 and 29 June
Results and Awards

Results and Awards

30 June


24 – 26 June 2020

24 June

10.00 — 10.15
All participants assemble in video kick-off meeting where Bartlett Hacks opens with a welcome message and instructions for the day.
10.15 — 10.30
All participants move to their track channel in Slack for introductory session led by their mentor. This session covers the available support mechanisms during the hackathon as well as short intro to the track.
Participants move to the collaboration spaces they have individually set up for their teams
10.30 — 17.00
Independent working in team spaces, with regular visits by their mentor
Mentors go offline
17.00 onwards
Participants continue to work on their solutions independently

25 June

Mentors come back live and check in with their teams
10.00 — 17.00
Independent working in team spaces, with regular visits by mentors.
Mentors go offline
17.00 onwards
Teams can continue to work on their solution throughout the evening and night. **Note** There will be no support until the submission deadline.

26 June

Submission deadline
Hackathon is over. Good job. Go and get some rest.