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Travel and Transport

Global travel has practically ground to a halt during the coronavirus outbreak with only essential travel being recommended.

Mobility normally accounts for 57% of global oil demand, but road transport in regions with lockdowns in place dropped between 50% and 75%, and travel restrictions caused aviation to show similar drops.

Many cities across the world have encouraged us to walk more and to use bicycles. Berlin decided to run a scheme that temporarily widened bike lanes to aid social distancing. Philadelphia closed its wide riverside road to motor traffic, while Denver introduced new cycling and walking lanes across the city. These measures have been greeted with enthusiasm from the population and the planet.

The behavioural changes of people and policy-makers that we have seen during the coronavirus outbreak pose new opportunities for greener transport and travel. However, with international travel decreasing so sharply other industries have been hit hard. Many countries and regions rely on tourism to support their economy.

How can we restart tourism with a new and more sustainable approach that can help a green economic recovery in the affected places? Cargo transport has become more expensive due to the lower number of flights and we need urgent solutions beyond this pandemic to ensure a secure supply of goods without going back to the same levels of emissions.

These are just some of the possible topics your team might find solutions for, but the scope is much wider.

Find a team. Work on a solution. Make a change in the world and be in with a chance of winning a prize.


Konrad Miciukiewicz

Konrad Miciukiewicz

‌Dr Konrad Miciukiewicz is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity. He is an urban planning, social innovation and public engagement expert with extensive experience in running large scale European research projects, including KATARSIS (FP6), SOCIAL POLIS (FP7), SPINDUS (Flemish IWT/SBO), SHUC (JPI) and TRANSMAKING (Horizon2020). His current research explores the role of arts and technology in the design of liveable cities. He has published on social inequalities, urban social cohesion, collaborative planning, public transportation and the urban public realm in Urban Studies, Cities, International Planning Studies and Journal of Urban Design

Manos Chaniotakis

Manos Chaniotakis

Emmanouil (Manos) Chaniotakis is a lecturer in Transport Modelling and Machine Learning at UCL. His research focuses on modelling and simulation of transportation systems, demand modeling, and machine learning in Transportation. He has been involved in various European and national projects and his research has been published in various journals.

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